homemade thick crock pot yogurt

Homemade {Thick} Crock Pot Yogurt

Tired of paying exorbitant prices for organic, whole milk yogurt at the grocery store? Want to be in control of the ingredients going into your family’s mouths and tummies? This recipe is for you. Plus, it makes killer waffles! Don’t take my word for it…make these yourself. I like to start this yogurt in the […]

soaked yogurt waffles - rachelzupke dot com

Soaked Yogurt Waffles

One of my goals during this season of life is to get into a routine when it comes to food. I want to find the things that my family loves to eat that are still nutritious yet don’t take so long that I find them frustrating to make. Breakfast is obviously a great place to […]

4th of July recipe round up rachelzupke.com

4th of July Recipe Round-Up

Howdy friends! Some of my favorite foods to take to a 4th of July get-together are potato salad, baked beans, and a festive dessert. Potatoes in all colors are so pretty, my friend Katie created the recipe for the beans, and Joy the Baker never disappoints. I hope you enjoy them as much as we […]

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basketball post 5

Catch ya later, basketball

I will only be coaching two seasons next year. As of this month, I have taken a one year leave of absence from coaching high school girls basketball. For the first time in 24 years, my holidays will not be filled with non-stop action but instead with rest and a focus on family. For those […]

a very special thanksgiving 1

A very special Thanksgiving: Caleb’s birth story

Thanksgiving will never be the same for our family. We welcomed our second child on Thanksgiving night via an incredible home birth. We knew our first home birthing experience was going to be interesting but we didn’t realize just how wonderful delivering a child at home could be. I share his story below for three […]


The View From Here

I posted this on my old blog back in July of 2013. We’ve added a child to our family and rebuilt that fence but Ben still works his tail off for our family and I still get to enjoy those dahlias outside our kitchen window. We’ve had our share of struggles professionally, physically, financially, spiritually, […]

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This helps our 3 year old pick out her clothing and help put her clothes away. Freedom and responsibility...win win for this mama!

An abundance of hand-me-downs (and how we organize them)

Once every six months (for Serafina, 3 months for Caleb), I tackle the task of transitioning clothes through the dresser for our growing kiddos. It’s like going shopping thanks to incredibly generous friends further along in this parenting adventure than we are that consistently give us hand-me-down clothes and toys for both our son and […]

crocheted mason jar cozy tutorial

Crocheted Mason Jar Cozy – Video Tutorial

I consider myself a casual crafter. I dabble in lots of things…handmade invites for baby showers, sewing doll clothes for birthday presents for friends’ daughters, assembling fire starters out of lint/newspaper/wax, designing/making felt Christmas stockings for each member of our family (pics to come of the new one for Baby Caleb), etc. These are all […]

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